Our organizational philosophy - " Making our clients goals a reality."

Jack Flynn 

 President and Chief Lobbyist

Jack Flynn, founder of  Flynn & Associates, brings over 25 years of experience as a congressional lobbyist, national union political director, state government commissioner and grassroots coordinator.  His clients include national unions and industry coalitions.  In addition, he served as president of the National Democratic Club in Washington, D.C. from March 2000 thru February 2002.


Before starting his consulting firm in 1996, Mr. Flynn was the legislative and political director of the 400,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers and a key participant in the lobbying and political programs of the AFL-CIO.  He also served as Deputy Industrial Commissioner for New York State from 1978 through 1980.  Mr. Flynn has worked in political campaigns at the national and state level.


As president of a successful consulting firm specializing in trade, energy, environmental and communications issues, Mr. Flynn has a unique perspective on the political and economic issues effecting both labor unions and corporations.  He is a proven coalition builder.


Recently, he has been actively involved with  major labor-management coalitions on global trade policies, climate change, national energy issues and health care. He has conducted lobbying and grassroots programs for a major domestic airline, an international shipping service, major utilities and auto manufacturers. While with the Operating Engineers, he was a founding member of a major labor-management coalition concerned with chlorine chemistry jobs and investments and remains active in that alliance.  Mr. Flynn is a licensed industrial combustion engineer and served on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ codes and standards committee for medical waste incinerators.


Jack Flynn has been a successful real estate developer, small business owner and pioneer in the use of computer technology to manage constituent groups.


Mr. Flynn holds a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from the State University of New York and has pursued graduate studies in political science and legislative affairs.


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